Oct 28

Indigenous Negotiators reporting on the ABS Protocol

Press Release: October 28, 2010

As we are into the final dash, negotiations on ABS Protocol have carried into long late night sessions.  There are still divisions and disagreements over draft decisions and the final text.  The Parties have had their say in the negotiations, and some of the leading countries are protective of their national and commercial interests to access and benefit sharing of natural and genetic resources, to the detriment of other stakeholders.   Hence, the Indigenous Peoples are deeply concerned that they are left out in the cold, and of being deprived of their rights.

Indigenous Peoples are the holders and owners of much of the World’s biological resources, and traditional knowledge.   Their participation and engagement at the negotiation process on ABS Protocol is important, and essential for the protection and conservation of the World’s vast repository of biodiversity and natural resources.   They want to ensure of their indigenous rights over natural resources, and demand to have the fair and equitable benefit sharing arising out the utilization and commercial exploitation of genetic resources.   It is upon the Parties at the CBD to engage with Indigenous Peoples and to reflect on their in the proposed ABS Protocol.

ABS Press Conference in Video

Columbia Press Conference on ABS

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  1. Jacob Simet

    Indigenous people should as much as possible push for the best protection of their genetic resources and traditional knowledge. Too much indigenous GRs and TK are being commoditized without (1) the consent Indigenous peoples consent (2) with no proper benefits going to them and (3) without due considerations to impact this has on the cultural integrity of these itwms.

    How can I get a copy of the text of the proposed ABS Protocol?

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