Oct 08

COP 12 IIFB Statement on Resource Mobilization & Financial Mechanism

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Photo Credit- Te Tui Shortland

COP 12- Pyeongchang, Republic of Korea

Thank you Madam Chair,  

I am speaking on behalf of the IIFB

We would like to express our gratitude to the governments and other donors for contributing funds that allowed our participation in the COP 12.

For Indigenous Peoples and Local communities, the Mother Earth is alive and is sacred since ancestral time. We had been taken care and preserving the resources for all generations that are coming behind us.

In our understanding the mobilization of financial resources should be used to improve the quality of life and to attend the basic needs of Indigenous Peoples and local communities.

However an increasingly common strategy to biodiversity conservation has been to influence private sector investment, resulting in a flow in biodiversity public-private partnerships in inhabited by indigenous peoples.

Madam chair

We therefore recommend the states to get the prior and informed consent from IPLCs, and to respect the human rights of non- contacted Indigenous Peoples before developing projects that will destroy the Mother Earth.

IPLCs are aware of the risks, challenges and impacts that the biodiversity financial mechanisms bring. Therefore for us the social safeguards are important to protect the Indigenous Peoples life and the Mother Earth. Consequently, the safeguards should take in consideration the international obligations, the UNDRIP, the Akwe:kon Voluntary Guidelines, the Bonn Guidelines, the Code of ethics, the community protocol, the CBD’s objectives,  Article 8j, 10c and the Aichi target 18, the equitable benefit sharing with indigenous peoples and local communities through clear national legal frameworks, the union and benefit  of IPLCs and the participation and empowerment of Indigenous women.

Finally, concerning to the GEF funds must ensure the delivery of the funds to IPLCs  in order to implement and achieve the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020, Aichi Targets, capacity building for Indigenous peoples and local community, women, youth at all levels and have a full and effective participation in the whole meetings of CBD process.

We thank you Madam Chair for your kind attention


Photo Credit- Te Tui Shortland