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COP 10

The International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity (IIFB) set out: To enable and ensure full and effective participation of Indigenous Peoples’ representatives at the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) COP10 through the IIFB by providing support for participation in crucial preparatory meetings and activities. The IIFB COP10 Coordinating Committee (IIFB COP10 CC) feels that we were able to achieve our overall objective.

The IIFB COP10CC provided regional coordination and a process for the selection of participants that provided opportunities for the participation of women and youth.  According to the SCBD there were a total of 187 Indigenous and Local Communities (ILCs) registered for COP10 and they were funded through the Voluntary Fund, personal funding, other funders, and the IIFB.

Here are additional information on the work of the IIFB at COP 10-

IIFB COP 10 Briefing Papers-  http://iifb.indigenousportal.com/cop-10/cop-10-briefing-papers/

IIFB COP 10 Coordinating Committee-  http://iifb.indigenousportal.com/cop-10/cop-10-coordination-committee/

IIFB Side Events at COP 10-  http://iifb.indigenousportal.com/cop-10/cop-10-iifb-side-events/

IIFB COP 10 Photos-  http://iifb.indigenousportal.com/cop-10/cop-10-photos/

Indigenous Peoples at COP 10-  http://iifb.indigenousportal.com/cop-10/indigenous-peoples-at-cop-10/


COP 10 Briefing Papers

1.  Inland Waters-  By Edna Kaptoyo-  English Click to Download Inland Waters Briefing Paper 2.  Protected Area-  By Gladman Chibememe-  English Click to Download Protected Area Briefing Paper 3.  Diversidad Biológica Agrícola – Por Hortencia Hidalgo-  Espanol Click to Download – Final_Posicion_diversidad_biológica_agrícola 4.  Terres Arides et Sub-humides-  Par Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim- Français Click to Download-  …

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IIFB Coordinating Committee

COP 10 Coordination Committee

Africa – Lucy Mulenkei (mulenkei@yahoo.com) Arctic and Circumpolar – Gunn-Britt Retter (gunnbritt@gmail.com) Asia – Shimreichon Luithui (chonchon@ikap-mmsea.org) North America – James Lamouche (jlamouche@naho.ca) Pacific – Malia Nobrega (malianob@gmail.com) Russia & CIS countries – Yana Dordina (yanadordina@yahoo.com) South America and Carribean – Maria Eugenia Choque (choque17@hotmail.com) Indigenous Women’s Biodiversity Network (IWBN) – Florina Lopez (florina.lopez@gmail.com) As …

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COP 10 IIFB Side Events

Indigenous peoples celebrate the International Year on Biodiversity ! Tuesday, October 19, 2010     10:15am – 11:30am First Floor of Building 2 The International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity (IIFB) Working Group on CEPA recognizes that indigenous peoples have the right to establish their own media in their own languages and to have access to all forms …

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COP 10 Photos

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Indigenous Peoples at COP 10

Asia Adrian Lasimbang Chin Khan Muan Gualnam Damayanthi Godamulla Dil Bahadur Tamang Dipujjal Khisa Gam Shimray Gele Sherpa Helen Calingayan Valdez Herminia Minnie M. Degawan Hewadhura Gedwera Nimalasiri Hewanila Jacqueline Bernadette Kintanar Cariño Jannie Lasimbang Jason Pan Jennifer Tauli Corpuz Jocelyn Nettleton (Joji Cariño) Judith Josephine Kintanar Carino Kittisak Rattanakraiangsri Kittisak Rattanakrajangri Kiyokazu Koshida Koichi …

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COP 10 Opening Statement English FIIB DECLARACIÓN DE APERTURA Espanol Заявление Международного форума коренных народов по биоразнообразию (IIFB Opening Statement Russian)

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